I often use my senior dog Red and my life with her, for example for lots of my articles. Although she isblind, and has been since we adopted her almost 7 years ago, she doesn't understand how to play, and no level of effort on my part has gotten her interested.

With that said, I really do have plenty of insight into life with a blind dog, and this topic is of great interest in my experience, so let's see what we could learn.

A toy doesn't have to be marked as ideal for a blind dog, this really is a matter of trial and error. Since we know they rely heavily on other senses like smell and sound, keep that at heart when creating your selections. Browse around and choose toys that activate those senses.

Remember, blind dogs get bored as easily as any dog that isn't getting the proper physical exercise, or mental stimulation.

An added thing I'd like to mention, and this really is obvious but I'll say it anyway. Just just as in sighted dogs, its not all dog will require to the exact same form of toys…

Treat/food dispensing toys

The single thing I can say is that Red is very motivated by food. Little would stand in the way of her getting her little paws on anything edible, if I let her.  A great toy for a blind dog is one that you can stuff with treats. Red's inability to see by no means affects her finding that food filled toy, and licking every last morsel out of it.

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